Roboy at school

IMGP7650How about Roboy coming to your school for a whole day? Teaching about robotics in the social context, anatomy and 3d printing – and then there’s a contest, who can build the fastest robot from hot melt glue, a motor and some cable tighteners? That’s exactly what Roboy at School is about: Bringing robotics closer to students in order to fascinate them and motivate them to join the STEM subjects.

Roboy has been to School twice already, on 1.7.2014 in Liestal, BL and 23.9.2014 in Schwyz.
Also, on 24.7. and 25.7. he went to Klenze-Gymnasium in Munich ( and soon, we hope he’ll come to your school as well!

If you’re interested to learn more, or could envision Roboy coming to your school, don’t hesitate to contact us.